The Ladder

The Gender Mainstreaming Manual (from the Swedish Gender Mainstreaming Support Committee, JämStöd) describes a methodical approach to work using a working model called Procedure for Sustainable Gender Mainstreaming, or ‘the Ladder’.

The Ladder provides an all round picture of all the steps that, according to the Committee, should be included in systematic, continuous work for gender mainstreaming.

  1. Fundamental understanding of gender and problems of gender equality: before gender mainstreaming work begins, the entire organisation, from management on down, needs to get basic knowledge in gender equality and gender.
  2. Examination of the conditions for change: in this step the conditions for change in the organisation are examined. As are the potential benefits of mainstreaming gender into the operation. Is the organisation willing to do this?
  3. Planning and organisation: it is of major importance that the management provides directives on how the work is to be led, organised and carried out.
  4. Examination of activities: the organisation makes an inventory of its operation and its operational goals as a basis for a decision on what is to be analysed or improved. After this has been done, decisions are reached on what needs improving.
  5. Survey and analysis: here, methods like 4R, JämKAS BASIC and JämKAS PLUS are useful.
  6. Formulating objectives and measures: the organisation produces an action plan by formulating objectives, indicators and measures for creating a more gender-equal operation.
  7. Implementing the measures: at this stage the measures required to achieve gender equality in the activities of the organisation are implemented.
  8. Evaluating the outcome: the organisation follows up and evaluates the work. Have the goals been achieved? What have been the learning outcome in terms of positive and negative experiences. How can the result be spread and maintained?
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