The Gender Equal Operation

The Gender Equal Operation method is used to create a shared idea of what a gender equal operation might look in your particular organisation.

The participants describe a gender equal operation, examine the degree of willingness and map obstacles and keys to success. The aim is not only to create a shared idea of a gender equal operation but also it gives a hint of the level of knowledge of the participants.

Follow these steps,

  1. In this step, you describe a gender equal operation, and list its advantages and disadvantages
  2. Reflect,a) If you want to work on a gender equal operation as you defined it in the previous exercise
    b) If you work in such an operation today
    c) What would your activity/clients/citizens gain from the operation becoming gender-equal
  3. Discuss in groups the points which facilitate and/or encourage the development and the points which hinders/prevents the development of a gender equal operation
  4. Reflect individually on,a) What needs to change in your organisation and operation to make it more gender equal?
    b) How do you, as an individual, need to change your own behaviour and thinking in order to be part of this process?
  5. Conclude by planning how you will move on.
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