SMART is a tool that is used to identify, define, and remember goals.

SMART goals is a method/tool used to formulate goals that are Specific (clearly defined), Measurable (can be measured and followed up), Accepted (of all actors involved), Realistic and Relevant and Time-limited (a deadline is provided).

Follow these steps,

  1. Write down what is specific. Use active words that convey a direction, such as increase, reduce and develop. Avoid more general words such as protect, utilise and accommodate.
  2. Formulate what is or could be measurable. A good rule of thumb is that measurable tasks often get done. Spend time on agreeing on relevant measures stated in units, money, time or per cent.
  3. Are the goals accepted? How do you know? Goals should be defined by those who they are for, and they have to be accepted.
  4. Are they realistic? Can they be achieved? The rule is that they have to be attainable given the context. Goals can be set at different levels; goals are sometimes separated into safety goals, realistic goals and barrier-breaking goals.

Have you set a date by which the goal has to be achieved? It is easy to just throw out a deadline, but in this case it is important that everybody involved gets a chance to influence the time plan.

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