Gender Mainstreaming

This checklist is intended for organizations that want to implement gender mainstreaming in their operations and activities. It also describes the roles that elected officials, high-level civil servants, strategists and other key persons play in this process.

There are some important conditions that must be present if an organization is to succeed with its implementation of gender mainstreaming:

  • The organization must have a function on its central level that works strategically with gender equality issues in its various administrations and services.
  • The organization must have a functioning management system, and everyone involved must know how this system affects their own work.
  • All employees need to be aware of the steering and management system and understand their individual role in reaching organizational goals .

Instructions for the checklist

The items of this checklist do not have to be checked off in a given order, except for the first one, as gender mainstreaming efforts must start with elected officials adopting a decision to implement gender mainstreaming.

A Gender Mainstreaming Assessement Checklist can be downloaded or printed as a PDF document. You can give every item on the list a score of 1 to 3. By totalling the individual scores, you can get an idea of how far you have come in these efforts, and can compare your progress year by year.

Gender Mainstreaming Assessment Checklist (PDF)


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