JämKAS Plus

JämKAS Plus is a method from the Swedish Gender Mainstreaming Support Committee (JämStöd) that can help in the task of performing an impact assessment of a gender pattern.

The purpose of the method is to serve as support for clarifying the gender-equality perspective in a specialist area; showing the complexity of what causes shortcomings in gender equality; and facilitating the task of choosing measures and initiatives to combat gender inequality.

Using this method, one can investigate whether the gender pattern is a problem and whether, in such cases, it may be regarded as a gender-equality problem. The method can also be helpful if one wants to choose measures and initiatives to combat a lack of inequality.

Three-phase method

The method may be divided into three main phases: survey (1-5), analysis (6-8) and conclusions (9).

  1. Identify target groups
  2. Report gender patterns
  3. Formulate observations
  4. List causes and consequences
  5. Discard and/or confirm
  6. Analyse and describe
  7. Identify agents and stakeholders
  8. List possible measure
  9. Propose measure
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