JämKAS Basic

JämKAS Basic is a systematic gender-equality analysis of an activity. JämKAS is an abbreviation of the Swedish words for ‘Gender Equality — Survey — Analysis — Conclusion’. The method is composed of several parts: inventory, prioritisation, survey, analysis, measures and monitoring.

JämKAS Basic was developed in the Swedish Government Offices. The fundamental idea is that the method should contribute an analysis of activities based on gender-equality arguments; serve as a basis for choosing the most relevant area of work; be an aid to drawing up measures; and yield indicators to measure reductions in gender inequality.

The purpose is to analyse how activities can help to achieve the aims of gender equality policy. The analysis focuses on the parts of activities that target their customers, clients and/or users and does not concern the internal gender equality in the form of staff-policy issues.

Three-phase Method
The method can be divided into three phases: making an inventory, survey and analysis, and formulating objectives. Those working in organisations governed by objectives can use, instead of activities themselves, the objectives of activities in various phases. Objectives and indicators should be formulated as the third phase.

Making an Inventory

  • What fields of activity
  • Examine the activity
  • Choose an activity

Survey and Analysis

  • Identify the target group/s
  • Survey gender patterns
  • Describe impacts
  • Describe the desired activities

Formulate Objectives

  • List possible changes
  • Determine the measures
  • Measure results
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