Gender Budgeting

Gender Budgeting reveals the actors behind the numbers. How are public resources divided between both sexes? Does it meet everyone's needs? These are fundamental questions in this method.

This method has been mainly used to analyse how public resources are used in relation to gender.

Has a specific budget been allocated to translate the government’s gender equality aims to action?

The purpose is to ensure that public fund and resources are distributed fairly, equally, and equitably.

Gender Budgeting is important because budget allocation might give a gender neutral impression at the surface while the reality could be different. In the other words, even if a nummerically equal amount is distributed to both sexes, the value that each amount holds might not be of the same importance. Gender Budgeting deals with the issue of equity besides equality.

Knowledge and awareness of gender effects the budget and reveal whether resources have to be redistributed in a more evenly. The focus is; thus, on equitable resource distribution rather than budget allocations.

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