4R Method

4R is a developed form of 3R Method. Realisation is the fourth element which is added to the previous three components of Representation, Resource, and Realia.

This method is developed by the Swedish Gender Mainstreaming Support Committee, JämStöd, in conjunction with its final report on the scope for Gender Mainstreaming (in Swedish, SOU 2007:15 Stöd för framtiden – om förutsättningar för jämställdhetsintegrering). The 4R Method could be used as the basis for analysing and surveying activities, and for providing an overview of how activities are run and financed. It could also be used to understand how the activities should be altered to promote gender equality.

4R stands for,

R1 _ Representation: how are different sexes represented in various parts and processses in the organisation?

R2 _ Resources: how are resources distributed between sexes?

R3 _ Realia: to what extent are representation and resource distribution affected by gender norms in the organisation?

R4 _ Realization: what new goals and measures should be formulated to achieve them?

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