Gender Equality Outcome Evaluation

JämUR, Gender Equality Outcome Evaluation, is an abbreviation of the Swedish words Jämställdhet Uppföljning av Resultat (literally, ’Gender Equality Follow-up of Outcomes’).

The purpose of the method is to follow up outcomes of operations in terms of gender equality. It will then be possible to adopt measures capable of making activities more gender-equal.The Swedish Gender Mainstreaming Support Committee recommends using the method as a way of following up JämKAS Basic.

One anticipated result of using Gender Equality Outcome Evaluation (GEOE) is that it makes measuring the impact of activities, and their costs to both women and men, feasible. Another is that it should permit proposals for improvements to make activities more gender equal to be put forward.

GEOE step by step,

  1. Operations
  2. Outcome
  3. Costs
  4. Conclusions
  5. Measures
  6. Proposed improvements
  7. Feedback
  8. External feedback
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