Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology is a good form of meeting for achieving reform and development, but also for sharing experience and learning.

Effectively, it puts participants’ commitment and knowledge to use. The form is conducive to participation and diversity.

The agenda is based on participants’ interest and commitment, leading to self-organisation in interaction with the given structure.

Open Space can, for example, be used when the aim is to make strategic plans for sustainable gender equality, develop gender-equal methods for various activities, build networks and share experience among staff in gender equality and decision-makers.

Four Principles and a Law

This form of meeting is based on four principles and one law. The four principles are:

  1. Whoever comes, they are the right people.
  2. Whatever happens, it is the only thing that could have happened.
  3. Whenever it starts, it is at the right time.
  4. When it is over, it is over.

The only law is the law of two feet. If you do not teach or contribute to the group or at the location in which you find yourself, you are personally responsible for moving to a situation in which you do learn and contribute.

Harrison Owen is the founder of this method.

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