Article Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to learn about gender and inequality in an interactive way that connects to subjects relevant to the group.


Collect articles concerning gender inequality in relation to the subject that you want to focus on health, management or labour markets. Present different articles concerning different aspects of the subject.

Divide the participants into smaller groups and have each group read an article to reflect on. Give them the following questions,

  • What expected attributes in the text concern men and women?
  • What effects could these expectations have on them? (In relation to one’s health, labour market, management)
  • Does the article bring up other gender equality aspects besides men’s and women’s health (if that is the focus of the article)?

Ask the participants to return to a single group and present the lists to each other. Ask them to also reflect on,

  • Are there attributes that shows up in all the lists?
  • How do you think the expectations affect a person’s ability to get a job, be promoted, have political influence, lead a healthy life etc.?
  • How are these articles, your lists and your thoughts concerning conditions in various areas of society relevant to your project/organisation?
  • How can you include knowledge of gender in the daily operations?

Note: While some articles might only address the situation for one gender, the other gender is often constructed to be the “opposite”. By having an article describe women as sad or depressed, the image of men is granted attributes as “not sad or depressed”. In other words, we construct genders in the absence of genders. If for example, information about anorexia is only targeted towards girls, this means that boys with anorexia do not “exist”.


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