Films are an efficient way to spread knowledge, information and inspiration. Here you can find film clips that can be used both in the break room and for more formal training purposes.

Stories from the #metoo movement (English subtitles)

Deaf and hard of hearing women and non-binary persons have joined together under the hashtag #turnadeafear. The group wants to break the culture of silence regarding sexual harassment in the deaf community and in society at large. This film from the Swedish Gender Equality Agency shows testimonies from women and non-binary individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf and blind.

#onnocondition is a hashtag used by women with a disability. The group highlights that the support they are entitled to is often conditional, which means an increased risk of sexual harassment and violence.

Behind the hashtag #notyourwhore are individuals who have experienced prostitution and sexual exploitation.

The women behind # notthegoodolddays explain that guilt and shame is a heavy load to carry and that violence does not necessarily stop because you get older.

This hashtag stands for girls, women and transgender persons with experience of abuse/and or drug addition, crime and prostitution. The right to support and protection from sexual harassment, assault and violence must apply to everyone, regardless of their situation in life.

More films on gender equality

Sexism is harmful. It produces feelings of worthlessness, self-censorship, changes in behaviour, and a deterioration in health. Sexism lies at the root of gender inequality. It affects women and girls disproportionately. This film is produced by the Council of Europe who came up with the first legal text addressing sexism in all its forms.

Even Nordic dads could do more. Nordic dads take more parental leave than anywhere else in the world, but there is not yet gender equal leave.  This film is part the The Gender Effect, a campaign by the Nordic Co-operation.

Where are the Nordic kids? Affordable and qualtiy childcare is a top Nordic priority. It’s a key reason so many women are in paid employment in Nordic countries. This film is part the The Gender Effect, a campaign by the Nordic Co-operation.

Flexible working arrangements are key to work-life balance. Nordic parents with small children can work part-time or from home. This film is part of the The Gender effect, a campaign by the Nordic Co-operation.

Work-life policies pave the way for women in leadership. But still only one in three managers are women. This film is part of the The Gender effect, a campaign by the Nordic Co-operation.


Information about the Nordic Gender Equality Fund is available in NIKK administers the fund on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers and provides information about the fund and the projects that have received funding.

The “CEDAW Quick & Concise” series explains the three main principles of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). This video explains the principle of Non-discrimination.

Getting 17% less than you deserve? Women in Europe experience this everyday, as they face ongoing inequalities and discrimination in the labour market. This film about the gender pay gap and is produced by the European Commission.

This film about gender equality in the boardroom is made by the European Commission.

The commercial spot is part of the Polish campaign aiming to promote equal opportunities for men and women in the labour market.

This video is made by We Are Equals to celebrate International Women’s Day. 007 star Daniel Craig undergo a dramatic makeover as he puts himself, quite literally, in a woman’s shoes.

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