Sweden’s gender equality policy

The Swedish delegation for equality between women and men was established already in the early 1970s, and Sweden has recognised gender equality policy as a separate policy area ever since.

‘The aim of the Government’s gender equality policy is, on the one hand, to combat and change systems that preserve the gender-based distribution of power and resources at societal level, and on the other, to create the conditions for women and men to enjoy the same power and opportunities to influence their own lives. When women and men share power and influence in all aspects of community life, we will have a fairer and more democratic society. Gender equality also contributes to economic growth by promoting people’s skills and creativity.’

Platform for gender mainstreaming

In September 2011, the Government decided that the ongoing gender mainstreaming efforts should be strengthened and developed based on a platform, and with efforts at central, regional and local level. The platform comprises five different parts.

Read more about the platform the Swedish Government’s website.

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