The Swedish Penal Code

The Swedish Penal Code contains provisions on all acts that constitute crimes in Sweden.

It also contains the sanctions for crimes. In 1998, Sweden passed a law that created two new offenses: gross violation of integrity and gross violation of a woman’s integrity. The law implies that if a person commits repeated criminal acts against another person, such as acts of violence or sexual crimes, the perpetrator’s offense can be considered to be gross. Each criminal act is then viewed as an element in a series of violations of the victim’s integrity and self-confidence. If the acts were committed by a man against a woman who was or had been his life partner, he shall be sentenced for gross violation of a woman’s integrity. Acts in this category include assault, unlawful threat, sexual misconduct and sexual exploitation.

In 2013, the crime of gross violation of a woman’s integrity was extended to also include infliction of damage and violation of a restraining order. It is intended to facilitate prosecution of perpetrators who have repeatedly violated a woman they have had, currently have or want to have a close relationship with. Prosecution or police authorities are required to investigate the crime even against the victim’s will.

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