Education Laws

The Education Act is one of Sweden’s most extensive laws towards gender equality. It covers all education levels in Sweden, from preschool to adult education.

In June 2010, parliament passed a new Education Act that went into effect by July 2011. The new Act describes more clearly how education providers should promote gender equality and equal treatment.

The first chapter provides that education shall be carried out in accordance with fundamental democratic values and human rights, covering the inviolability of people, the freedom and integrity of the individual, the equal value of all people, gender equality, and solidarity between people.

The school system shall; furthermore, convey and reinforce respect for human rights and fundamental democratic values upon which the Swedish society is based. Each person working in the school system must promote the human rights and actively resist all forms of degrading treatment.

The Education Act also regulates the right to preschool. Children have the right to attend preschool from age 1 to the extent their parents’ employment or studies require, or according to the child’s own needs.

Education at the university level is regulated in the Higher Education Act (1992:1 434). This Act provides that higher education institutions shall promote sustainable development that ensures present and future generations a healthy and good environment, economic and social welfare and justice. It also requires them to observe and promote equality between women and men.

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