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2015-02-01 - 2018-02-01 Glasgow

PhD Research Project Opportunity-
Ageing in sport: Challenging women’s invisibility

This PhD studentship would fill a gap in knowledge about the role played by sport, historically but also throughout the lifecourse of current cohorts of older women, in shaping how we understand women’s ageing.

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PhD-course Glasgow School for Business and Society
2015-10-14 - 2105-10-14 Karlstad

The gendered politics of student mobility in neoliberal global eduscapes - Ulf Mellström

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Seminar Karlstads University
2017-03-27 - 2017-03-29 Hannover

Politiken der Reproduction – Politics of Reproduction

Under the heading of “Politiken der Reproduktion – Politics of Reproduction” the conference investigates key issues within the field of Women’s and Gender Studies.

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Conference LAGEN, Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Einrichtungen für Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung in Niedersachsen
2017-04-03 - 2017-04-04 Manchester

​Gender, Institutions and Change: Feminist Institutionalism after 10 years

International Conference, University of Manchester

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2017-04-11 Karlstad

Feminist perspectives on climate governance

Annica Kronsell, Professor in Political Science, Lund University

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Seminar Karlstad universitet, Genusvetenskap/CGF
2017-04-19 - 2017-04-21 Vilnius

Save the date: Atgender Spring Conference 2017

More information to come

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Conference ATGENDER
2017-05-04 Karlstad

Making death matter

Dr. Tara Mehrabi, Department of Gender Studies (Tema Genus), Linköping University

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Seminar Karlstad universitet, Genusvetenskap/CGF
2017-05-10 Lund

The Material Politics of Movement

Mahmoud Keshavarz, Malmö University, shows how materiality and design have been and are involved in shaping the current politics of movement in terms of illegalising certain bodies. I

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Seminar Lunds universitet, Genusvetenskapliga institutionen
2017-05-30 Karlstad

Migrations to Italy in the European landscape: An anthropology of mobilities perspective

Dr. Andrea Priori,University “Roma Tre”

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Seminar Karlstad universitet, Genusvetenskap/CGF
2017-05-31 Karlstad

Bangladeshi masculinities between Italy and motherland

Dr. Andrea Priori,University “Roma Tree"

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Seminar Karlstad universitet, Genusvetenskap/CGF
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